Our Sun is about to get unusually cool, researchers predict

Our Sun is about to get unusually cool, researchers predict

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Global Warming Causes Stratospheric Cooling By Jeffrey Masters, Ph.D. — Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground, Inc.

By Jeffrey Masters, Ph.D. — Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground, Inc.

Some scientists have theorized that increases in solar output are responsible for a significant portion of the observed global warming. For instance, Scafetta & West (2006) estimated that 25-35% of the global warming in the 1980-2000 period was attributable to solar variability. Other scientists disagree, finding no evidence of global warming due to solar activity changes since the 1940s. Since any increase in solar radiation would heat both the lower and upper atmosphere, the observed drop in upper atmospheric temperatures in the past 30 years argues against a large portion of the observed greenhouse effect being caused by solar variability. The observed cooling of the upper atmosphere in recent decades is strong evidence that the warming at Earth’s surface is due to human-emitted greenhouse gases. It should also give us additional confidence in the climate models, since they predicted that this upper atmospheric cooling would occur.

via Global Warming Causes Stratospheric Cooling | Weather Underground

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200 years ago, we endured a ‘year without a summer’



Snow in June, freezing temperatures in July, a killer frost in August: “The most gloomy and extraordinary weather ever seen,” according to one Vermont farmer.

Two centuries ago, 1816 became the year without a summer for millions of people in parts of North America and Europe, leading to failed crops and near-famine conditions.

While they didn’t know the chill’s cause at the time, scientists and historians now know that the biggest volcanic eruption in human history, on the other side of the world — Mount Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815 — spewed millions of tons of dust, ash and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, temporarily changing the world’s climate and dropping global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees.

In addition to food shortages, the natural climate change caused disease outbreaks, widespread migration of people looking for a better home and religious revivals as people tried to make sense of it all.

The gloom spread to the literary world, too: that foul, frigid year inspired the plot of Mary Shelly’s epic horror novel Frankenstein.

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………… Then there is this nifty search term to put our perspective, into perspective.

via how fast does the earth spin per second – Google Search

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Huge cracks and hills emerge overnight in Alberta Beach, baffling residents


Some residents of Alberta Beach were woken up Monday night by what sounded like something falling onto their houses.

But after the crashing noise was heard overnight, the community’s south-side residents discovered big cracks in the ground, hills of dirt that weren’t there before and pieces of property that had suddenly buckled.

A crack outside one home grew in size over the course of the day. There were also cracks and an opening visible on the lake and a one-metre-tall hill of dirt that formed in less than 24 hours.

A door to one cabin was stuck because the foundation had shifted so much residents couldn’t get inside.

A cabin next door had cracks in the walls inside and outside. Owners notified the natural gas company in case the pipes might be at risk. Cement skirting around the building had buckled and deck posts under it had shifted.

via Huge cracks and hills emerge overnight in Alberta Beach, baffling residents | Globalnews.ca

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Airport Power issues. ?



2017 Google search / power outage and airport

  1. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport restores power after crippling …

    Dec 18, 2017 – Atlanta (CNN)Nearly 11 hours after a power outage paralyzed the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International got its electricity back late Sunday night. … The outage, which affected all airport operations, started with a fire in a Georgia Power underground …

Airline stocks fall after Delta system outage, airport demonstrations

Jan 30, 2017 – Airline stocks tumbled Monday amid concerns that President Donald Trump’s travel ban could be disruptive to air travel and after carrier Delta Airines experienced a systems outage that grounded its domestic U.S. flights Sunday evening. The ban restricting travelers from seven countries sparked demonstrations at airports …

Power outage halts flights at Atlanta international airport – TN


Jan 30, 2017 – Power outage halts flights at Atlanta international airport. ATLANTA (AP) — A sudden energy outage on the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Worldwide Airport on Sunday grounded scores of flights and passengers throughout one of many busiest journey occasions of the yr. Source link …

Delta reports another computer outage | WSB-TV

Jan 30, 2017 – ATLANTA – A computer outage has passengers at airports across the country grounded, including Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Delta said their IT department is working to “rectify the situation as soon as possible.” @StayAdventurous Unfortunately, our systems are down. The IT department is working to rectify the …

Power outage affects security checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Oct 11, 2017 – Power has been restored at Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix anda security checkpoint that had been closed because of an outage is back in operation. There was no immediate word of the cause of the outage or any flight delays, but an airport spokesman advised passengers and …

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U.S. Customs Computer Outage Causes Delays At Airports Nationwide January 1, 2018

Earlier Monday, the New Orleans international airport partially lost electricity–it was unclear if these incidents were related.

via U.S. Customs Computer Outage Causes Delays At Airports Nationwide – Breaking911

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…………. cooling ahead.

Frigid Winter? Blame 4,000 Years of Wild Jet Streams By Becky Oskin, Senior Writer | April 16, 2014 04:37pm ET

The study shows the jet streams plunging pattern is a long-standing natural phenomenon. However, the findings also suggest that global warming may boost the frequency or intensity of the curves, which would mean more winter extremes in the United States and Canada, the researchers said. The study was published today (April 16) in the journal Nature Communications.

via Frigid Winter? Blame 4,000 Years of Wild Jet Streams

… Note.  The fact that 2014 is when things started to get rather deeper in the severity and the frequency of historical events in weather, never seen before, and the such, its a long list.

It’s an unusually long—“ridiculously long”—time for the atmosphere to be stuck in such an extreme pattern, Masters says. “Normally, at least the changing of the seasons would disrupt these stagnant jet stream patterns, if nothing else did. But we’ve gone from fall, to winter, to spring, and now even into summer, and the jet stream didn’t budge.”

So what would have caused the jet stream to get into such a rut? Masters says researchers are investigating a few hypotheses—Pacific Ocean temperature anomalies, climate change, natural atmospheric dynamics—but there are no firm answers yet.  Given the exceptionally long stretch of time we are talking about with the 2014 event, Masters thinks it’s probably multiple influences acting over different time scales, some long-term and some, like Typhoon Neoguri in the Pacific in July, short-term.

For California’s sake, we can hope the peculiar jet stream pattern breaks before the state’s wet season begins later this fall.

Via https://www.climate.gov/news-features/event-tracker/us-temperature-extremes-and-polar-jet-stream

… 2014 and since, the patterns just keep on going, the frequency of the events continue, earthquakes and volcano’s that have been sleeping for long periods of time are waking up…………..take note.  The frequency’s will continue, only will continue to a snapping point.  The sudden shift, or abrupt climate change.  Abrupt could be over the span of 10 years. 

But it would only take a few years, or a couple of really bad growing season, coupled with bad politics and business practices, on an already seemingly lost, confused, and at times ready to pop, population. 


…. and then there is the hydrological cycle.  Key element to the climate 

Earth is a truly unique in its abundance of water. Water is necessary to sustaining life on Earth, and helps tie together the Earth’s lands, oceans, and atmosphere into an integrated system. Precipitation, evaporation, freezing and melting and condensation are all part of the hydrological cycle – a never-ending global process of water circulation from clouds to land, to the ocean, and back to the clouds. This cycling of water is intimately linked with energy exchanges among the atmosphere, ocean, and land that determine the Earth’s climate and cause much of natural climate variability. The impacts of climate change and variability on the quality of human life occur primarily through changes in the water cycle. As stated in the National Research Council’s report on Research Pathways for the Next Decade (NRC, 1999): “Water is at the heart of both the causes and effects of climate change.”

via https://science.nasa.gov/earth-science/oceanography/ocean-earth-system/ocean-water-cycle

…….  but nothing is more important to our tiny little rocks life support system then the sun……This one below is from 2014.

Enjoy our stormy sun while it lasts. When our star drops out of its latest sunspot activity cycle, the sun is most likely going into hibernation, scientists announced today.

Three independent studies of the sun’s insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all. Normally, the next cycle would be expected to start roughly around 2020.


The combined data indicate that we may soon be headed into what’s known as a grand minimum, a period of unusually low solar activity.

The predicted solar “sleep” is being compared to the last grand minimum on record, which occurred between 1645 and 1715.

Known as the Maunder Minimum, the roughly 70-year period coincided with the coldest spell of the Little Ice Age, when European canals regularly froze solid and Alpine glaciers encroached on mountain villages.



Some good info here at this one overall.



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Climate change assumptions false and world will start cooling down in 2017 global warming Science News Express.co.uk

“These findings here are unlikely to be popular with the establishment. The political obstacles are massive,” he said.Dr Evans says historic global warming has been down to solar activity – a process called  “albedo modulation” – the waxing and waning of reflected radiation from the Sun.Between 2017 and 2021 he estimates a cooling of about 0.3C before the mini ice age in the 2030s.

via Climate change assumptions false and world will start cooling down in 2017 global warming Science News Express.co.uk

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College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students

“I know students from every background and across every major. They don’t feel comfortable around cops. They just don’t. It makes safe spaces feel not so safe,” one unidentified student remarked, with another telling the Post that it’s “weird” seeing cops on campus.

via College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students

……………..someday they will want those that protect around to protect.

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