Forget Global Warming, are we headed for a ‘little ice age?’

But there are a few scientists out there warning that the opposite is possible. The planet could endure a mini-ice age which will cause temperatures to plummet and parts of the Northern Hemisphere to freeze solid in the winter months. Such an event would be very disruptive and prompt the mass migration of millions of people. It could also be deadly.

One scientist, David Dilley, who runs the Global Weather Oscillations website, says that Earth has a pattern of warm and cool phases and that we are now entering a cool phase. According to Dilley, Earth has a natural cooling phase every 230 years, during which we experience a mini ice age for about 60 to 100 years. After that, the planet warms up again. He thinks we are about to enter a cooling phase that will see the Arctic freeze and expand, and coat northern Europe in ice. Not glaciers, but certainly enough ice to create significant problems.

One of the culprits, solar activity, has already appeared. Solar activity is at one of the lowest levels in recorded history.

via Forget Global Warming, are we headed for a ‘little ice age?’ – Green – News – Catholic Online


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