Planet Extinction – Gradual or Abrupt?

Evolution v. catastrophe

The gradualist view assumes that agriculture will continue to thrive and growing seasons will lengthen. Northern Europe, Russia, and North America will prosper agriculturally while southern Europe, Africa, and Central and South America will suffer from increased dryness, heat, water shortages, and reduced production. Overall, under many of the typical climate scenarios, global food production increases.

The research of the past few years shows that this view has become
a dangerous self-deception.

Ocean, land, and atmosphere scientists at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations have uncovered new evidence over the past decade suggesting that the plausibility of severe and rapid climate change is higher than most of the scientific community and perhaps all of the political community is prepared for. See Footnotes #2.

Paleoclimatic evidence suggests that such an abrupt climate change could begin in the near future and could happen very quickly indeed. Ice cores have shown that there have been sudden weather changes in the past of 5-10 degrees and that these catastrophic changes have occurred in less than ten years.

Weather-related events have an enormous impact on society, as they influence food supply, conditions in cities and communities, as well as access to clean water and energy. With over 400 million people living in drier, subtropical, often over-populated and economically poor regions today, climate change and its follow-on effects pose a severe risk to political, economic, and social stability.

In less prosperous regions, where countries lack the resources and capabilities required to adapt quickly to more severe conditions, the problem is very likely to be exacerbated. For some countries, climate change could become such a challenge that desperate peoples emigrate in mass to seek better lives in other regions.

The latest US Navy survey suggests
there will be no sea ice left in the Arctic summer by 2016.
Is this the date we have to look forward to?

via Planet Extinction – Gradual or Abrupt?


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