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Storified by WeatherNation December 2, 2015
Record Breaking Lack of Snow
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A year ago, Buffalo, New York was digging out from more than 20 inches of snow. This year, the city has barely seen a snowflake, and it’s about to break a record dating back to the 1800s.

If Buffalo, as expected, doesn’t receive measurable snowfall through Thursday, it would break the record for the city’s latest recorded snowfall, with the old record being December 3rd, 1899.

A lack of Arctic air, evidenced by Buffalo recording its seventh-warmest November on record, means lake effect snow has been hard to come by. Arctic air coming from the west, north or northwest usually means cold winds blow over warmer water, the ideal setup for lake effect snow, Buffalo’s primary source of snowfall.

There is a very small chance that Buffalo receives a quick shot of snow on Thursday on the back end of an area of low pressure, but any precipitation likely will fall as rain, and the record is a pretty safe bet to be broken.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Chris Bianchi

via Record Breaking Lack of Snow – WeatherNation.

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