Here’s The Historic First Day Of Snow In All 50 States

Wondering when you can build your first Frosty? It may be sooner than you think.

Experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made a map based on the historic first days of snow all across the United States, so you can predict when your region is likely to see its first flurry this year (if it hasn’t already).

Light blue dots mean the first day of snow should’ve already happened, according to historic trends, while lavender or purple dots suggest it’s just arrived or coming soon. And those colorless dots you see in California and Florida? They indicate that snowfall is “too rare to analyze.” #Rude.

Visit’s zoomable version of the map to hone in on your particular region (including all of Alaska, though they note snow in Hawaii is “too rare to analyze”), and get ready!

Before snow hits, it’s important to make sure your home is running at maximum efficiency. A little bit of prep will keep snuggly heat in and mega snowdrifts out:

via Here’s The Historic First Day Of Snow In All 50 States.


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