Libyan air force hits oil tanker: report – CCTV News – English

The Libyan air force has bombed a Greek oil tanker off the Libyan coast on suspicion of carrying arms and ammunition to terrorist groups.

A military source said that a Libyan fighter jet attacked the Greek oil tanker, Anwar One, as it was docking off the shores of Sirte on Sunday. Two people were wounded and the ship was set on fire. The military source said Sirte is dominated by the Islamic State, and its affiliated militants as well as the Islamist militia, Libya Dawn. And the Libyan government considers any land and sea movements suspicious.

Meanwhile, the Libyan air force commander, Saqer al-Joroushi, confirmed an unflagged ship was targeted off the Libyan port of Sirte after it was warned several times. Similar incidents have occurred over the past months.

A Greek tanker was bombed by the Libyan air force in January, leaving two of its crew members killed. Just two weeks ago, the Libyan air force also targeted a Turkish ship off its coast, killing one crew members and injuring several others.

via Libyan air force hits oil tanker: report – CCTV News – English.


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