US Denies Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Germany

United States Denies Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Germany
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The United States denied the reports that it is planning to deploy new nuclear weapons at the Buechel Air Base in Germany.
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Nuclear Weapons

Shelley Laver, deputy director of public affairs of the National Nuclear Security Administration, said the reports indicating that the United States would deploy nuclear warheads in Europe by the end of this year are inaccurate.

According to Laver, Washington’s plan for the large-scale production of B61-12 will start not until the fiscal year 2020.

Germany’s ZDF public television network recently reported that the United States plans to deploy new atomic weapons and 20 nuclear bombs in Germany. The report indicated that Washington intends to retrofit German Tornado fighter aircrafts with 20 B61-12 nuclear bombs.

The United States Air Force and National Security Administration previously tested a B61-12 gravity bomb in Nevada, according to Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov. He called the test “irresponsible, and “openly provocative.” He also said that it was a confirmation of Washington’s plan to maintain a nuclear arsenal in Europe capable of striking Russia.

via US Denies Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Germany.

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