Time will tell.


Well.  It is time.  I have been collecting links, learning ideas, wondering about the ways.  Contemplating the means,  and thinking around my thoughts.
     With the military behind me,  and free to express my own excerpts. In my own way,  in my own opinion,  style and grace…….  I begin.
     And in the beginning,  there was a beginning.  It was all things,  and everything at once at the same time.
     The alpha and the Omega.  Ying and yang.  Birth and death.  Light and dark.  Everything, And all things. At once…… EVERTHING.
     Neither you or you or you or even you will know what everything is. I will never know.  We will never see. 
     But we will understand,  FEEL,  and know that there is an energy, a feeling,  a touch,  a god, christ, Krishna, Buddha, A person people……..

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.......I am i am
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