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Emergency alert in t
Three districts in Northern Lower Austria, roadblocks in Upper Austria, hundreds of households in the Western and Eastern Styria without electricity and unreachable by land site in Burgenland: ice and rime also on Wednesday for significant problems and sometimes life-threatening situations in eastern Austria taken care of.With an easing of the situation is expected on Thursday.

Since Friday prevails in the east of the country due to freezing rain and frost the state of emergency: a progressive thickening of the ice sometimes up to 15 centimeters  covering all parts of the country.Leaving the houses is extremely dangerous, given the current situation, which is why many schools and kindergartens in Lower and Upper Austria remained closed on Wednesday.

"Das Eis wird nur langsam schmelzen" (Bild: "Krone"-Leserreporter)
"Das Eis wird nur langsam schmelzen" (Bild: APA/HERBERT PFARRHOFER)
"Das Eis wird nur langsam schmelzen" (Bild: "Krone"-Leserreporter)
"Das Eis wird nur langsam schmelzen" (Bild: "Krone"-Leserreporter)
"Das Eis wird nur langsam schmelzen" (Bild: "Krone"-Leserreporter)
Foto: “Krone”-Leserreporter

Again and again plunged into the affected provinces trees under the icy load together, tore down power lines and blocked roads. Also, the mobile network turned out temporary and complicated the coordination of forces. Electricity suppliers tried to compensate for the losses caused by emergency generators, they were regularly from the E  Plants and the fire brigade checked for proper operation.

80 people cut off from the outside world in Burgenland

In Burgenland Mattersburg were in the district Forchtenstein-  Rosalia on Wednesday 80 people from the outside world cut off. Since even fire engines could not get through to the person concerned, the army was asked for help. This then moved to a recovery tank and an armored truck to go to the residents and to provide them with food.

End of the “Ice Age” in sight

With an easing of the situation could be expected only on Thursday and Friday, the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics predicted on Wednesday. “Between about 600 and 1.300 meters still a layer of air with temperatures below zero degrees,” said weather expert Stefan Kiesenhofer. On Thursday to flow to Austria milder air, it begins to thaw. “However, there can also be problems on Friday. For the partly thick ice will melt slowly, and wind gusts to 40 kilometers per hour are possible.”

How much damage is already actually, currently can not be said previously you had to wait for the end of the “Ice Age”.

The most important events in the crown at-a glance.:

  • 9.10 clock, Lower Austria: The number of closed schools has increased on Wednesday at about 20, said Alfred Grünstäudl, Education Officer for the region, on request. Continues to be affected especially the space Ottenschlag in the district Zwettl.No classes there are also Lichtenau in the district of Krems.
  • 9.15 clock, Lower Austria: particularly affected by the weather conditions are currently the municipalities Lichtenau, Weinzirl am Walde, Albrecht Berg at the Great Krems, Jaidhof, Gföhl and St. Leonhard am Hornerwald. The coordination of over 1,000 missions led by the head office in Tulln.
  • 10.03 clock, Burgenland: The situation in the district currently cut Forchtenstein-  Rosalia in District Mattersburg not relax yet.Freezing Fog and drizzle left during the night break numerous branches and topple trees. When the roadblock L223 can be canceled, can not be predicted.
  • 10.48 clock, Lower Austria: Wednesday rose early fire department spokesman Franz Resperger suggest that around 250 workers in use. Disaster Forum trains have already been informed in advance. “Therefore available if required 5,000 volunteers from other districts is available.”
  • 11.18 clock, Upper Austria: Due Rime fallen trees led to numerous roadblocks. Particularly affected were theHausruckviertel and the Mühlviertel. In Liebenau (district-free city), schools were closed to endanger children on the way there on Wednesday.
  • 11.27 clock, Styria: In the early hours of Wednesday, there were again several fire-fighting operations because of seracs.Fallen trees blocked roads and had to be removed. In thewestern and eastern Styria about 600 households were without power, so energy  Steiermark-  Spokesman Urs Harnik- Lauris. “With a relaxation is expected until Friday,” fire department spokesman Thomas Meier suspected.
  • 11.34 clock, Lower Austria: Because of the prevailing weather conditions was triggered on Wednesday for the District Horn of emergency alert. A spokesman for VP  Councillor Stephen Pernkopf informed on request also that the member of the Government responsible for civil protection will still make during the day even a picture of the situation.
  • 12.08 clock, Burgenland: The army sent an assessment team to the affected regions to plan for possible use.
  • 12.16 clock, Burgenland: In the district Forchtenstein- Rosalia (Mattersburg) pointed out the location to: For fire brigade vehicles there because of the threat of icy trees currently no getting through, said Mayor Friederike Reismüller.The requested assistance to army sends an armored recovery vehicle and a truck, so Colonel Ulrich Szekely from the military command of Burgenland. An improvement in the situation remained in sight: “It is even worse, because it also comes even the wind,” said the mayor.
  • 13.15 clock, Lower Austria: The location in space Ottenschlag Waldviertel remains tense. Although the temperatures are now slightly increased, but the now emerging wind accelerates the formation of ice  the ice is sometimes up to 15 inches thick.
  • 13.22 clock, Lower Austria: In addition to the numerous power outages now the mobile phone network in the affected regions was completely collapsed, reported the ORF. This poses a major problem for the large number of task forces that are now difficult, if not impossible to coordinate.
  • 13.57 clock, Upper Austria Liebenau like a ghost town, the streets are swept downright empty. The residents have retreated to their homes, too big is the fear of being hit by falling trees or broken tops.
  • 14.59 clock, Burgenland: The army, which after a recovery tank and a truck Forchtenstein-  Rosalia is angerückt, now supplies about 80 trapped people who are currently still in their homes. Previously, the person concerned had had the opportunity to order food. These are now being delivered.Furthermore, people are encouraged to remain in the premises, “because it’s too dangerous,” said Mayor Friederike Reismüller.
  • 15.33 clock, Lower Austria: A “crown”   Site inspection in Gföhleramt, District Krems, once again highlights the danger of the current weather situation. The team accompanied in the morning a 52-  year concerned, whose family has to make do without electricity for two days. The selfless goal of man: Paving the way for his neighbors “Cut out” so that he can visit his wife in hospital. The drive along the highway developed due to fallen trees gauntlet run  despite saw and contactor equipment in the car.
  • 16.15 clock, Lower Austria: The National Park Community Hardegg is still unreachable, both the L38 and the L1045 remain closed to traffic. The water supply was assured, electricity would be delivered on large generators, said fire department spokesman Franz Resperger with the afternoon. In addition, have been and are blown up fallen tree groups in Hardegg. The situation remains tense, stressed Councillor Stephen Pernkopf, spoke at the same time but praise for the good cooperation between provinces, municipalities, fire and EVN.
  • 17.12 clock, Burgenland: For the trapped residents in the district Forchtenstein-  Rosalia, which could be supplied with food thanks to the help of the armed forces, is waiting for better weather, which can melt the ice covering on the trees and fall slowly ordeal. “Restless, frightening,” described as Martina Bierbaumer, who lives on the Rosalia, the atmosphere: hear every few minutes to rip a tree to the ground. “The trees are pretty top heavy, and through the many ice is dangerous,” described Offiziersstellvertreter Anton Schmidbauer the situation. “Now if you could come to the wind, it’s very tragic.”

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