Yes, The Weather Is Polar. No, It’s Not The Vortex : NPR


Much of the country had to bundle up this week owing to some unusually cold weather. Even in the Deep South, residents struggled with temperatures in the low 20s.With the big chill comes the revival of an ominous phrase: “the polar vortex.”The sinister-sounding label has been hard to escape on TV news. The Today Show warned of the vortex in its promo spots. Some cautioned that the phenomenon might already put the squeeze on holiday shopping.Even The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the hype.”It’s a phenomenon that signals the return of colder temperatures across North America,” Fallon said. “… Or as it used to be called, the month of November.”Fallon’s joke makes a point that Jeff Masters, chief meteorologist at Weather Underground, wants people understand.The Two-WayArctic Front: Blast Of Cold Air Hits Middle Of U.S., Heads East”This is just a regular old cold front,” Masters says. “The polar vortex has been around forever. It’s just the media happened to notice it last year, and it’s really not a very scientifically accurate thing to talk about.”

via Yes, The Weather Is Polar. No, It’s Not The Vortex : NPR.


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