….. Getting here.


A picture from our back yard now, so much nicer then Fort Riley KS.

     So my family is officially WA residents,  we have been here for about a month now.  
      The drive was about 1800 miles, but it good no issues,  thankfully.

     I have started my new job outside the military, it’s good.  I will be good at it once I get past the learning curve….  And its a hell of a curve,  but a good one.   I like the people I work with, and it’s a job that suits me.   I am lucky.

     BUT…….  the big thank you u get from the army was a mess up on the movers and the seem to have either lost our stuff or something it was supposed to be delivered by the 14th, it’s the 24th and we keep getting phone calls never returned,  emails ignored…..  It’s sort of like limbo.   I will be putting some words together in that one once the movers are finished……  A lot of words.

WA is beautiful,  the people seem really friendly…….  I am glad to be home here.



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