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Tilling of the soil has been a mainstay of agriculture and civilization.  It’s part of a culture; depicted throughout the ages in art and literature.

The Tilled Field by Joan Miró, 1923-1924 The Tilled Field by Joan Miró, 1923-1924

 In fact, the great American statesman, Daniel Webster said that:

When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.

Tillage was done manually until the advent of tractors and other mechanical tillers in the early 1900’s made large-scale agriculture possible and small farming manageable.

American farmers have had a long-standing love affair with all things mechanical, and the home gardener is no exception.  They love their roto-tillers.  And, really, what’s not to love? The roto-tiller is a power tool for gardening.  It’s got 208cc (5-6 hp) of power, and carries strong, rugged names like, “Pony”, “Colt”, “Bronco”, “Mantis” and “Roto-Hog”.  It’s every tool-guy/tool-girl’s dream.

Godzilla has a cousin Godzilla has a cousin

But, as much as I love…

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