Well I have not been able to post much lately. More like I just have not felt like posting anything. I had to be flown from South Korea to Hawaii for a surgical procedure.

    I had sinus surgery last March while still on Fort Riley. This was just before I PCSed to South Korea, after a while I started to notice that something was not right after the initial surgery. I went to see ENT in Korea, and it was determined that I had to have the surgery again. This time they flew me to Hawaii since the equipment needed was not anywhere in Korea.

    A lot of people thought I was lucky getting to go to Hawaii for any reason. Granted it is warmer here than South Korea, but no matter what when you get the inside of your skull drilled on, it’s a whole different level of suck.

    The barracks room I am staying in was FILTHY, I had to spend several hours cleaning it before it was remotely comfortable.

    I had the surgery last week, and this week I had the tubes taken out. These things are huge too, and it was one of the most painful things I have experienced having them removed.

………….. I have not been able to get out of the room I am stuck in, but I am planning on trying to get out this coming weekend. If my headache is done anyhow, I will post some pictures if I can.

Hawaii is a beautiful place, and I am in the middle of the raining season, so that might dictate what I can get as far as pictures, but I will get what I can……………………………………..


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