What to do.

I am one of the few in my family going back many generation that have served in the military for more than a single enlistment term. I am about to finish up my second, once with the Marine Corps, and now the Army.

These next few words are especially written towards my family that will read this……………….I have debated on whether or not to reenlist for another few years for many years now actually. I started the contemplation process of what to do when I first came back to the military. I went back and forth on the decision many times, sometimes many times in one day. I am right now near my 180 day mark on getting out, or ETSing as it’s called in the Army.

I had a while back made my decision to leave the military, and move on. We would be moving to Washington State and making our way from that point. However do to the way the army is and the regulation. I am in spot that is not easy. I am going to have to try to find a way around forking out a lot of money, and an incredible effort in order to move everyone safely and effectively. And there is no why that I can make happen.

Unless. I do reenlist for a 3 year term, ONLY with the condition that I can be stationed in FT Lewis which is about 30 minutes away from where we plan on buying a home anyhow. If I do get stationed there, the army will move us………….no cost, the list of benefits that would come from this decision far out weight a majority of the bad.

So for those that care, and those that are interested, I am going to reenlist for another 3 years………. IF, and only if my contract comes back with Washington. I am expecting something possibly this week.

And an Update:  16 Jan. 2013 since I first posted this on my blog here, my packet for reenlistment has gone through 3 different times, and I have called my branch manager, the reenlistment NCO has called the branch manager, and so on, and so on.

Nada, nothing, not happening.  I families decision was for me to reenlist, but ONLY for WA state, since we are going that way anyhow.   Not just needs of the Army.

However, now my decision has been made for me.  Middle of July I will once more be a civilian, Unless I do try out the reserves for a year.


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3 Responses to What to do.

  1. Do you want to reenlist? Make sure this is something you absolutely want Tim. Don’t just do it for the financially stability it brings, do this because you feel in your soul, it is what you desire. Thinking about you hun.


  2. margaret cox says:

    Hi Tim, Steve and I feel only You and Laura can make this decision; as this is going to affect You and your family always. We know you will make the best decision for yourself. We support you in whatever you decide. We love you.


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