They say that any man can be a father, but only someone special can be a Dad.

    Well who ever “they” are, they were right. If you read my last post you know that my father passed away when I was young. Sad, sure, but at the same time I do know that my life and the person I became is largely due to my Dad being there for me though out my life. I met him when I was 9, and when Mom took me and my bother to meet him for the first time, we met this big biker guy with a Harley parked in his living room. I was impressed.

    Gordy, is a word that came to mean Dad to me through the years. I was almost 10 when I met him for the first time, and it took some time before he became the Dad to me that he is today. I tried to call him Dad, but the word always seemed so foreign to me. But over the years the word Gordy took the same meaning to me as Dad. I call him Dad now when we talk on the phone, mostly as another way to let him know how much he means to me. I refer to him as dad, because that is who he is.

    When my mother died, the first person I talked to was my dad. Even though they had been divorced for a number of years, they remained close friends. I think it was at that moment I realized how incredibly important he was to me. 31 years old, and both of my natural parents were gone, both in car accidents. I do not think I could have made it through everything without him and my wife by my side. I barely remember the year after her passing.

    My dad raised me to be independent, and to be able to think on my toes. He rode with a motorcycle club, and was the center of the club in many ways, almost a balance point for some of the guys. When he came into our lives, he brought with him all of his brothers from the club, suddenly I had a 20 something “uncles” to worry about too. I could not get away with nothing because of all of them. Some of the best people I have ever known. Family is what they were to me. Some of them guys watched me grow up. One in particular was the one I promised I would at least look at the Marines before signing anything with the Army, I thought of Fukes advice almost every day while I was in Marine Corps boot camp. One of the guys ended up taking my art talents and teaching me to tattoo, which became a huge part of my life.

    My dad and the people around him shaped my life in so many ways. My dad taught me how to be a dad, not just a father, even though he was not my father. His dad taught him to be a dad, even though he was not his father. And my oldest daughter knows that that I am not her father, but I am the dad. We are on a third generation now of being the dad, when we did not have to be.


    I am glad I have my Gordy, he is my DAD



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