Seattle Tilth Farm Works —

What\’s a \”Farm Incubator\”?

Through Seattle Tilth Farm Works, participants are empowered, and expected, to create market, farm and business plans to ensure their success as small farm operators. Participants who successfully complete the program can rent land, equipment and utilities at subsidized rates. Graduates receive market and distribution support in addition to opportunities for continuing education. Somali Bantu, Ethiopian, Burundian immigrants have participated in the program along with Americans with limited resources.

At the heart of this project is the idea that participating farmers learn best by actually operating a small farm in a supportive environment. This learn-by-doing concept has already been proven successful at other nationally recognized agricultural small farm and new farmer trainings.

Meet this year\’s farmers on our blog.

This program provides:

A comprehensive educational program covering farming, business planning, operations and marketing

On-site mentorship from experienced farmers

Hands-on experience growing food on 1/4 acre plots

Access to farmland, equipment, water and other necessary farming inputs

Assistance in creating marketing channels for products

Find Out More

Check out the wonderful blog to read about current goings on and browse current photos. Also, enjoy this wonderful video Summer Crop Mob from Seane Conroe and Alleycat Acres and see our page on Facebook.

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