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It is amazing really when you realize how far we as humans have strayed away from the very thing that gave humans the ability to be human in the first place.

It was the historical advent of agriculture that led to groups of people sharing resources, ideas, laughter, and family, which in turn soon led to larger groups. It was these larger groups of people defending one another, learning from one other that become a civilization. We prospered, we faltered, and we waged war with one another. We shunned other groups not like ourselves, but we adapted, and we overcome great obstacles to become a great time in humanities chapter of this earth.

And then we go to the grocery store………………………………………….. We go to Wal Mart………………………….. We go crazy trying to get the latest video game console that does not work right yet anyhow. We have killed other humans for a pair of sneaker, and not even because we truly need them either. We have lost our minds.

We are living in a social experiment if you ask me. Not even three or four generations ago, for most of us, grew food for the victory gardens, we grew food and raised livestock because we had too. It is how we survived back then.

Now we grow Wal Mart’s, and other Major Corporations, we let Monsanto rule the environment. We say frack you earth we don’t need you, we just need more oil so we can have more Wal Mart parking lots for our SUV’s. We are WRONG, and have gone nuts as a species. We have leaders of this world worth billions of dollars, and some with ever even know a real meal.

I honestly think it all comes down to gardening, growing food. Not the Monsanto way, organic of course, the way Mother Nature intended. We need to teach more of our children the how thing have been done for thousands of years, not the last 150 years of corporate greed. You give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. But if you can teach humanities youth the importance of working with nature and the earth to provide food for oneself, you will in turn feed the next two generations. Not line the corporate pocketbook.



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