Not Home Again

    I have missed another year from my family once again. The great turkey day has passed, and even Comet Ison decided not to give us humans here on earth a good show. I am in South Korea and my family is in the States, I hate it. But I have only another 32 weeks remaining on my contract before I will not only be home, but out of the Army. I can then proceed onto something else. We will move towards Washington State from that point. None of us have been to the state before, so in some regards it’s a bit of a leap of faith for us. Once we are there, we will be there. And my family will have to lay in some new roots. The kids are actually looking forward to it, thank goodness. My wife and I are defiantly. We are hoping that in time we will be able to have a small urban farm of sorts.


Love you guys, and miss you bunches.


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