NASA Announces New Record Growth Of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

Watts Up With That?

Researchers have measured a new record for sea-ice extent in the Antarctic. Why the white splendour is extending there while it is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic is a mystery.

Antarktis: Die Ausdehnung des Meereises (weiß) hat am 22. September einen Rekord erreicht. Die gelbe Linie zeigt den Median der Jahre 1981 bis 2000. Schelfeis ist grau dargestellt.

Antarctica: The extent of sea ice (white) reached a record on 22 September. The yellow line shows the median of 1981 to 2000. Ice shelf is shown in gray.

Whenever the ice at the North and South Pole is mentioned, it is mostly in the context of melting ice triggered by global warming. However, the sea ice in Antarctica – in contrast to that in the Arctic – has proved to be remarkably robust. New measurements have now confirmed that. As the U.S. space agency NASA announced, the sea ice in the Antarctic has extended over an area of ​​19.47 million square meters at the end of September. That is the highest since measurements began in 1979.


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