severe weather, not global warming … worst Australian cyclones


Australia’s worst cyclones listed, but a number of very severe storms were omitted, such as Cat4 Cyclone Ilona in 1988, a few months before Cat5 cyclone Orson. Some of those on this list were not that severe, but loss of life and property was due to the era of no satellites, and/or no electronic equipment for monitoring weather, all before CO2 reached 350ppm. Australia’s worst cyclones: Timeline – Australian Geographic

Australia’s worst cyclones

2011 – CYCLONE YASI (Category 5)

On 3 February, Cyclone Yasi – a massive 1,450km in diameter- crossed the Queensland coast at about 25km/h and with wind gusts of 285km/h (though no equipment was able to directly measure the winds). Thousands of people were evacuated from Cairns after fears the city could take a direct hit. In the end, Yasi’s path had Mission Beach, near Cardwell, and the World Heritage-listed Hinchinbrook Island in mind. It flattened sugar cane…

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