Congress can agree on one thing: military will be paid if government shuts down

I should hope so, the last time this happened I was in Iraq getting motared everyday, and we did not get paid till a couple of weeks after we were supposed to. It hurt my family sitting back in the states. This time I am in South Korea and my family is in the states. We had to make plans from our savings to at least make our bills. The threat of not getting paid is just like our families being punished for the government’s failures. While us military folks, some of which are being shot at right now, are worried about their family’s not being able to buy groceries…….. Damn right they need to pay us……………… That is all.

CNN Political Ticker

Updated 10:42 p.m. ET 9/30/2013

Washington (CNN) — Despite bitter partisanship that threatened a government shutdown, Congress actually managed to come together to pass one bill on Monday –unanimously, at that.

The Senate signed off on a House-approved measure to ensure members of the military would continue to get paid if congressional wrangling over spending and Obamacare resulted in a shutdown.

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