The climate is a’ changing….

….  It’s funny how when the phrase was global warming, people like my self were considered a fool for disagreeing about it.  People like Joe Bastardi ( I think that is the correct spelling) the meteorologist.   A very intelligent man has been calling people’s bluff for years now. It’s not global warming, ITS CALLED CLIMATE CHANGE, period.

And now in the media is called climate change, not global warming since it has been proven not true science. Only they are still trying to say the same thing just a different title.

And yet, we are still called fools and deniers………

Warmer in some regions, and much cooler in others, it is nothing more then par for course.  The earth will regulate herself, with out with us……  We need to be aware, and consider our influence on the planet. Not twist science……….

……. Finder of hidden things.


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