Thank goodness for global warming…….


The new normal, from Steven Goddard:

In 2003, climate experts told us that heatwaves in France are the new normal. More evidence of that has appeared this week.

ScreenHunter_267 Mar. 19 07.24

Heavy snow in Europe leads to road, rail and air transport chaos – Telegraph

Department Of Health : 30% Probability That Brits Are Imagining The Cold Weather

Health alert for elderly as snow forecast

The NHS has called on the public to check on elderly neighbours and eat at least one hot meal a day as more snow is forecast to fall.

There is a “significant health risk” across the North of the country, leading the Department of Health and the Met Office to warn healthcare providers and the public to be prepared. “This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services,” forecasters say. “Prolonged periods of cold weather…

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