I post.  I relate.  I see.  I learn…………….and share.

Make of it what you will, or not.  It is up to you, it is the nature of freedom of speech.  Just as we can choose to share our thoughts with the world through the written word, or through an exchange of idea’s with a microphone, and a soapbox.  

Many places through the world cannot have this freedom, due to religion, politics, or the worst case……….. ignorance.  

I do not claim to be part of the human race in many ways, I am alien, iamiam.  But what I am, is here.  Now, right now.  This very minute as we revolve around the earths nearest star.

I am ashamed of humanity, and how we have become.  I am ashamed of Americans and our ignorance.  There are to many humans who have no clue of the world, the universe, or our very own milky way.  What is the Curiosity, they say  who is Neil Alden Armstrong, I am asked. I don’t know who is running for president.  !!!Global warming!!!! yet they scream, oh shit we are all going to drown.  What hurricane.

We are human, we are blissfully unaware, we are blind, and thoughtless, and brilliant beyond compare.

And right now, this very minute we are HERE.

make the most of everything, learn, teach, experience humanity…………. for you are only human…….once.


About othersuchluck

.......I am i am
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