Community Garden Plot

The above picture shows how I am setting up my irrigation system this year.  It is something new I am trying out.  I really enjoy the 1/2″ poly tubing you can get for drip irrigation systems, I use it everywhere I grow plants at.

You can sort of see in the picture, I used 1″ PVC with a “T” to hold the poly tubing.  This allows me to adjust the flow of the system.

(27 Feb 2012)

Since this picture was taken I have since moved the location of the barrel to the far end.

The barrel I have set up is above my gardens maximum height to allow for the same drip system to also double as a gravity fed system.  Since I am in the military, I have to find other ways to ensure the day to day care of my garden. Watering is perhaps one of the most important.  So by using the same system two different ways, I can use the sprayers (more information forth coming), or the gravity fed.  The gravity side of it will allow roughly 2-3 days of a slow drip.  I can also use compost tea, or any sort of liquid fertilizer I choose (organic, organic, organic).

Cabbage Family Seedlings

(27 Feb 2012)

Here is the start of my seedlings.  I have them growing in peat pots, contained in a plastic storage container, under lights.  The lights  are nothing more then florescent (warm tube, cool tube) in a shop light type fixture.


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