Indoor plant station


This is a plant station I put together.  There is a hydroponic station,  2 selves for starting seeds for outdoor, or indoor purposes.  I also have a LED light for some African violets.  As well as some bonsai.  Everything on timers.


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3 Responses to Indoor plant station

  1. Hi!

    I’ve just started with hydroponics. I’ve set up a basic top drip system with a LED ‘grow light’. I don’t know if it works better than real sunlight, but at least I can keep it on for 18h/day, instead of 4 or so hours of direct sunlight.

    What is your experience between different light sources? Does LED work as good as the rest of the lighting systems?

    Btw, I’m growing tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, mint and parsley.

    Love to hear from you,


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